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KPSC Karnataka Public Service Corporation Interview Questions
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if length of a rectangle is incr by 20% and width is decr by 20% then area

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What are the different Sequence of events takes place while starting a Database ?

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To induce an e.m.f. in a coil, the magnetic flux linking (a) must decrease (b) can increase or decrease (c) must increase (d) must remain in constant

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The largest coal producing State in India is: (a) Jharkhand (b) UP (c) West Bengal (d) Tamilnadu

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In the later vedic pantheon, what was the order of gods in accordance with their importance?(A) Indra (B) Vishnu(C) Prajapati (D) Rudra (A) cdba (B) cbda (C) bcda (D) bacd

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What distinguishes economic growth from economic development is that the latter implies (A) An increase in per capital income (B) Changes in institutions and attitudes (C) Concern for ecology and environment (D) All of the above

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Who is the Chairman of National Commission for Scheduled Castes? (a) Shri Suraj Bhan (b) Shri Ram Vilas Paswan (c) Shri Ram Raj (d) Shri Buta Singh

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What is the birth place of Vardhamana Mahavira? 1 Kusinara 2 Kundagrama 3 Rajgriha 4 Kashi

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Which of the following services is not included in the All-India Services (AIS)? 1 Indian Administrative Service 2 Indian Police Service 3 Indian Foreign Service 4 Indian Forest Service

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Which of the following is a major rubber producing State in India? 1 Kerala 2 Assam 3 West Bengal 4 Orrisa

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In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court declare Judicial Review as a basic feature of the Indian Constitution? (1) Minerva Mills vs. the Union of India (2) Balaji vs. the State of Mysore (3) Golaknath vs. the State of Punjab (4) Keshavananda Bharati vs. the State of Kerala

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. Who was founder of Brahma samaj (1) Swami Vivekanand (2) Aurobindo Ghosh (3) Raja Rammohan Roy (4) Vinobha Bhave

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. Paintings of the Ajanta caves belong to the (1) Mauryan period (2) Harsha’s reign (3) Gupta period (4) None

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. The Governor is appointed by (1) The Prime Minister (2) The President (3) Law Minister (4) Chief Minister

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. Who finally approves the draft Five Year Plans? (1) Parliament and State Legislature (2) National Development Council (3) Planning Commission (4) The President

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