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Karnataka Bank BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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hai iam suri seleceted for karnataka bank ,if anybody knows the interview questions pls send me i have an interview on 5 december

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hai iam suri if anybody attended the clerks interview before 5th december pls inform me the type of questions they r asking.thanku...


doubt about character certificate..does the gazetted officer hav this cetificate (form) with that he can fill in with our name n sign on it??? or shud we get it typed or wat??

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I am suravi.I have been selected for the interview of Karnataka Bank.I have completed my B.Tech in electronics & telecommunication and would like to know a few interview questions that would help me getting through the interview.plz let me know.

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Hi all,Iam Manjusha.I have been shortlisted for Karnataka Bank Clerical Interview which is to be held in March 2010.So could any one please help by mailing what type of questions r they going to ask.Since Iam from engineering background I dnt have much idea abt finance and accounts.Please help me,my mail id is

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Sir, i am selected in Karanataka bank clerical exam. i am bsc gradute with physics, chemistry, maths as a subject.. so i want to know which type of question will be asked to me .. so Sir please help me because my interview is on 02.03.2010

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Hi, Iam in the wait listed candidates of Karnataka bank clerical exam interview results held on jan 3rd.Can anyone tell me what could the chances of getting selected or just forget about it and search for another job.

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i am in waitlisted list which is released by karnataka bank.Can any one tell what it sense.whether it is confirm job r optional.plz forward if any one know abt this


Hi, this is Prasad MBA Graduate from Osmania University. MY question is how do you serve to our organization as a mba graduate. u can send answers regarding this to my mail id Thank you


hii i selected for karnataka bank interview is 1st june 2011. im frm andhra pradesh.can i get job placement to andhra after finishing the interview.any 1 selected frm andhra plz msg me on 7207655202


hi any 1 selected frm andhra pradesh to karnataka bank clerks in interview is in june.plz msg me on 7207655202/


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