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JPMorgan Chase Interview Questions
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What goals do you have in your career


Use Venn diagrams to answer each of the following questions. You must show your Venn diagram for each problem. 1. A survey of 80 sophomores at a certain western college showed the following: 36 take English ,32 take history 32 take political science 16 take history and English 16 take political science and history ,14 take political science and English 6 take all three How many students: a) take English and neither of the other two? ____________ b) Take none of the three courses? ____________ c) take history, but neither of the other two? ____________ d) take political science and history but not English? ____________ e) do not take political science?

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what type of question they will ask in the jp morgan chase ?

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You have served for a branded company for more than 3 years and why do you want to quit and join the new company, since your previous org. is better than us?

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which is OPPOSITE in the meaning of the given word INDISCREET.

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If interviewer ask that " Why are you leaving that job. so what should tell ?"

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JPMorgan Chase Interview Questions

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