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JPMorgan Chase Core Java Interview Questions
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How OOPS concept is achieved in Java?

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what is polymorhism what is inheritance? what is Abstract n Interface? what if two interfaces have same method and a concrete class is implementing both the interfaces. Will there be a compilation error? What are mutable and immutable classes? How can u make a class mutable? when will u use dem ...explain with example? what is overriding and overloading? what is garbage collection? what is Thread? how do dey communicate? what are the different ways of implementing ? have u used any messaging technologies? what is synchronization? what are some additions in java 1.5? what are generics? whst is advanced for loop? what is finally block? can u have a try in finally? yes!! can u have a finally in finally? how do you write junits? when is a object eligible for garbage collection?explain? a = null and b has ref to a will b be eligible to be garbage collected? sql questions like diff joins? how do dey work? exception handling? what is marker interface? what is the need??


java Technical questions asked by JPMC


State differences between C and Java?


What is an empty class? What functionality does it offer in Java?


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JPMorgan Chase Core Java Interview Questions

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