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Andhra Bank POs Interview Questions
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Andhra Bank Management Trainees?/ Probationary Officers? Recruitment Exam March 2005 Question Paper

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i want previous question papers of andhrabank pos. please send those papers to my email id

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what do u understand by logistics?

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what are the new ultra mega power projects in india?


Andhra Bank PO exam result? 4 months completed, yet not declared.

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hai this is kiran. i am short listed in andhara bank po's written test.but call letter&hiper link mail for call letter not received. so is any one of the selected candidates plz send me the hiper link related mail to


i appeared for andhra bank po interview recently.i scored 159/250 in ibps in gen category.i have 4 yrs banking exp in sbi as clerical staff.with jaiib.but my interview was not so good.wat r my chances to get selected


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Andhra Bank POs Interview Questions
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