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Intelligroup SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What type of customisations have you done in your projects ?

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Where do you assign Movement Type?

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PLZ Explain me the concept of "CROSS SELLING"? Configuration steps involved?

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In SAP SD can any one tell me ,, 1:- What is unit test and what is integration test??? 2:- In end user training is there any perticular steps have to follow,or any one tell me what are the steps..???

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If PGI is not possible for one sales order. what are mandatory things we have to chck?

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why we assign the credit control area to sales area?

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I have 2 customers “Customer A” and “Customer B”.I need to create a sales order for both of them using ZOR sales doc type. Both need the same material m-01. But for customer “a” the item category of M-01 should be TAN and for “b” the item category is TANN. where should i do the sap sd

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