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Intelligroup SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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if have 10 pages in script,how u can u start from 10th page?

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what is the main main difference between data element and domain? (i know definitions,i don't want definations).

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where u can u set the pages in script (don't say first page, remaining pages i want)?

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where u can create the rfc function module?

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what is the difference between rfc and normal function module?

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where u can find out the check table?

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in ALV reports how double click event works?

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what is the main use of package(in user exits ,in SMOD user can provide the package name for the purpose of to find out all user-exits,that package use iam asking)?

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what is the process of dialog program from first to last?

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what is the standard program to check the consistency of partner profiles?

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sap modifications and enhancements are stored in which table?

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what is the sap standard script for picking list?

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wtat is diff. between bdc and session method

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What is updated Function Module.

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How can u create a new page in scripts?

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