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iNautix Interview Questions
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What does the top command display?

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INAUTIX PLACEMENT PAPERS -------- placement paper-1

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what is the difference between commmands cmp and diff?

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Do all versions of the GDG have to be of the same record length ?

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Why do you use a control card?

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Aricent Paper & Interview : : 06 Mar 2007 : : Patiala

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hi is there any means of deletin a record from a ps usin cobol not using jcl?eg if i am reading a record and if some condition is matched tat particular record must be deletd fom the ps

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hai friends ,i have HSBc exam on this sunday,my platform is Mainframe,i have 1 year exp,pls any one send me placement papers of Hsbc and technical questions on mainframe

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hello friends ,i have exam in Hsbc,pls any on send me placement papers and technical questions on mainframes,thank u


what are the oops concept in java explain with real time examples

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What are the Type of CMM Levels, Explain Each Level.

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What is Test Coverage?

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How to skip first step of a job? Can we use COND on the first step?

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Program to find larger of the two numbers without using if-else,while,for,switch

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can u explain about iteration model? And what is it?

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