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iNautix Informatica Interview Questions
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i have 5 session (s1,s,2,s3,s4,s5)i want to execute first 4 session after 5th session how will you do?

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How to load last 10 records of flat file in to the target?

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diffrence between command task and control task

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In Flat file, I need Header, Footer and No of rows in Last column. How will u achieve in Mapping Level(With out using Session Level Property)?

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In Flat file Input is A B C I need output like this A A A B B B C C C. How will u achieve this?

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How do we eliminate duplicate records in a flat file without using Sorter and Aggregator?

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Hi All, I have three question. 1) How to remove the header and footer in a flat file in informatica? 2)How to load the first and last record of flat file into the target? 3)I have a Input and Output table. Input Name Salaray Month A 100 Jan A 200 Feb A 300 March B 400 April B 500 May B 600 June Output Name Salaray Month A 100 Jan A 300 Feb A 600 March B 400 April B 900 May B 1500 June How to implement and get the ouput as mentioned above. If Possible kindly provide the SQL query also. Kindly any one help to implement this concept. Thanks, Pradeep

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