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Ignou Interview Questions
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Explain the following file systems : NTFS, Macintosh(HPFS), FAT ?

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if you tell a lie, you will be put to the sword and if you tell the truth you weil be hanged

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Asking questions of cryppoyography


what is RFID? thire application;


Is an "A fast database retrieval rate" a testable requirement?


1-What trade-offs are involved in (a) sharing information with other organizations in a supply chain and (b) the acquisition of information- processing technology? 2-Explain why integrated technology is critical for a successful supply operation


What is the content of purchase order? n content of voucher? what is the main use of voucher.


you have finished Bsc ( Computer Science ) , then why you choose your career in marketing and sales ???????


What r the functional testing u perform?


Is there any difference between HBase datamodel and RDBMS datamodel?


why occ characteristics curve in not tracing back when we are bringing back the rhoestat?


when receieve cheque from a party and we deposite cheque in bank how do this entry


DC transmission


Briefly describe a process of building a project?


What are the other BW processes?


I want to test the applications installed on the client machine using the QTP installed on the server machine.But the requirement is like that client machines do not have there own CPU's they are just dummy workstations on which the applications are excesible.So where all places QTP should be insalled in theis client server architecture.How many licenses required of what type.Please explain in details .Its urgent. Thanks


How the sub ledgers(AP, AR) integrate with GL liability and receivable


Ignou Interview Questions
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