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Ignou HTML DHTML Interview Questions
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Q1: Design a website for newspapers and magazine portal which takes subscription order online through a credit card and makes home delivery. It should include the following: • Home page containing pull down menu box for the links using VBScript. • It should display the current date and time. • The home page should have link of the current news, archieve, FAQ, sitemap, weather, business, sports, world news, etc. • It should have also search faculty • The breaking news should appear scrolling on the top form. • The home page should be divided into a number of frames for displaying and each frame should be filled up with different back ground colour. • The logo of the company should be displayed on the top • The middle frame should be used for displaying video/image • The headline should be at the right side of the page • The lowermost frame should be used for showing links of the most popular articles of the month. • Perform validation checks on credit card number.

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