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What are 2 features of Oomycetes that exclude them from the true Fungi?


why always current in some amp and voltage is 230?


did u done enhancement framework?how u implemented?


What are your suggestions for making workers participation more affective in an IT industry?


Create a Menu that can be activated while clicking on Right Mouse button


Hi, I am 28yrs and i received an i 20 from a university in Usa. What question should i be expecting from my age, while i applied for an undergraduate degree.


can any one suggestion me present which course(except java,.net) has huge demand in the market?


I have cleared written test Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector my interview is on 23march 2010.whether Interview will be Technical or personal,what are probable questions,please help me soon.Ph9848057340,giv ur no. I will call u..Thanks...


What is antecedent certificate? Which documents come under antecedent certificate?


What are compare reports? What is the different between *changed and changed in compare report


tell me about your ability to work under pressure ??


rules for creating asset downpayment account


I want to learn how to read and understand different terms of Letter of Credit to correctly in order to preform Letter of Credit issued against my company by my client. Please let me know where I could find out the point wise definition/explanation of each article. Thanks


I have failed my intermediate can i write entrance exam the next year after completing my backlogs


Why is the put_Font or putref_Font method not called when an ActiveX control's Font property is changed by the ActiveX Control Pad?