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what is the advantages of having in-built acvvvf (without seperate inverter in the control panel)in the drive system of elevators?


hi i want to start modelling just for a fun. how i can enter catlogue modelling in himachal pradesh, chandighar


plese send me the oces/dgfs sylabus and previous year question pattern of electrical engg.?


nohup sort employees > list 2 > error out & what will happen?


Is it possible to automate output processing? The answer should be yes but how??


1.why should we connect the measuring instruments in l.v side in short circuit test of a transformer? 2.why the power factor is less in open circuit test of a transformer?


I need the list of Universities who have summer intake for BS degree in Electrical Engineering.?


respected sir/mam,my husband is working in us from feb 6,2012 so i am not having his pay slip and bank statement and I-797 form.will u please suggest me.thank u


Basically iam Instruemntation Engineer, but Iam interested in Instruments design engineering, so plz guide, is there any course, training or Softwres to become Instrument design engineer??.


Hi friends I am sasi,Got selected for Syndicate Bank PO.I dont have any idea about Banking sector.I dont know how to prepare for the interview.Can anyone help me plz


Why should compressed gas cylinders stored in upright position describe the cause?


how to write defects in excel sheets when defects occured


1)Power center server and client on the same machine 2)power center server and client on the different machines What is the basic difference in these two setups and which is recommended ?


How to Register a file extension and context menu operations?


How to Read the autoincrement value of Paradox table ?