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what is conductor constant of raccun conductor


How I can write a java program output the following 1+2+4+7+......N


Who all falls under the Perview of Excise Duty, we mean who has to pay the Excise Duty, eg: does all mfrs have to pay ED or who has high turnover they should only pay ED, if yes that what is the Turnover limit?


why don't we use the generator as a motor? and what will happen?


Sir, i am going to write the officers exam in APSRTC. please send me the exam pattern and model papers to my mail- id. My mail-id is


What is the ignition temp. of Alluminium,Coper&Iron.


what is the role of Functional Consultant in end to end implementation?


Is it possible to connect to InterBase from a Delphi app without using the BDE?


any 1 having notes on SAP-ABAP certification, or even if any 1 could provide the url for getting notes on SAP-ABAP certification, would be appreciated.


I have completed my fashion technology course and after that i did my MBA,during interviews they used to ask like why i choose MBA after fashion technology.


how to set one column as primary key in QTP and fetch values accordingly


Dear friends I want to design busbar for1600 kva transformer(i.e2100 amps) what are all the factors to be considered before selectinga busbar what are all the standard sizes of busbars what is the formula for finding current of copper and aluminium busbar


will you provide me NTPC exam?


physical identification of HT & LT panel


in 1-phase 230v,how in 3-phase 440v. in each phase in between 230v.