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what parameters we will consider while developing a HPLC method and how we confirm our HPLC method is valid?


Any one can help me to identified, how can we interchange the device in FF


What is mamimum rate of CST applicable on Plastic Doors in NOIDA?


What are the treatment & implications if party doesn't provide C Form in interstate sales transactions & also same if provide C Form.


Zee Ltd. uses material—A for the production of Product M. The safety stock of material A is 300 units; the supplier quotes a delivery delay of two or three weeks. If the company uses 500 to 800 units a week according to the activity levels, the re–order level of material–A will be A. 2300 units; B. 2400 units; C. 2700 units; D. 28 units.


Compare any 4 software development life cycle paradigms with each other. Indicate at least one application for each of the paradigms that are suitable to developed using that paradigm.


what is bracking strength of helbet used in mines.


How to Avoid an Application Error when using EM_POSFROMCHAR ?


can anybody give me functional specification (or table name & field names) of stock analysis report, work in progress report,generating vendor detailed list


What is your personal opinion regarding genetic engineering and human cloning?


explain how to protect high rise building from the risk of lighting.


If i=10+10sin314t then find the rms and average value of current with explain?


If P will increase then what will happen with PID?


What is test parameter


Can any one please suggest which institute is providing Advance Excel & VBA Macros in Excel training in Hyderabad.