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hi can any one tell me.... do we need to use color catridge also in HP Deskjet 630C series printer.... i have kept only black catridge but its not working.......


what is the venturi effect in buildings? what is green house concept?different types of dams? which dam is economical arch dam or gravity dam. what are the conditions favourible to both of them?


what is the use MDM(Master Data Management)and meaning


Tell the least count of a prismatic compass , surveyor compass , Theodolite & how we can determine it ?


What can you contribute to the progress of our Company as an employee if you are selected?


wht is embedded systems? what is new inthis field?


What is the projected lifetime value of a customer? - Venture Capitalists


A PLL maintains lock by comparing A The phase of two signals B The frequency of two signals C The amplitude of two signals D None of these


what is the main usage of an abstract keyword?please follow the program class A { void display() { System.out.println("hai"); } void print() { } } class B extends A { void print() { System.out.println("Hello"); } } In this program i was gives the implementation of print() according to my requirements in subclass.And there is no definition in superclass then why we can use abstract keyword before a method that i want to gives definition in other classes,is any mistakes in the above usage of method?


why -48 volts dc used in telecommucation


what type of question ask from hobby 'reading newspaper'


What causes a hydraulic cylinder to skip?


Explain what is the stack of autorelease pools. How autorelease pool work under the hood?


What are different type of instrument cable


how many types of backups are there & explain them in theory mode & practical mode?