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can anybody give me syallbus of chemical engineering for section engineer in railway.


I need ECIL last year Question papers for COMPUTER SCIENCE ENGG. Please


how can get the first and last observations in a dataset using Proc SQl?


How Do you Code Composition and Aggregation in C++ ?


if we display var1 then what will b displayed in below condition. 77 var1 pic s9(2) value -10. 77 var1 pic s9(2) value -11. " " " -12. " " " -13. -14 ... ... -19.


Can anyone provide with a SLD for HT panel installation for a 33KV line and distribution end has three 1.5MV transformers. Is it suitable to use OCB or VCB and also provide me the suitable rating and its connection diagram.


How do you pass time?


Upon starting as an Assistant General Manager, my employees tell me "they have always done things this way", when I suggest to them that I need changes made.


How to Link Different Data Sources Together?


9).explain difference between stab & driver? 10). who will conduct integration testing? 11). explain difference between system testing & functionality testing? 12). explain compatibility testing? 13). explain performance testing? 14). explain inter system testing? 15). explain difference between smoke testing & sanity testing? 16). explain difference between re-testing & regression testing? 17). you prefer manual testing or automation


What are the configuration files for iPlanet/SunOne?


hi. can any one tell me now i am govt emp,age 29 years i am very interest in group-1, i wont to know the age limit and how many attempt?


What are the procedures in paralleling D/G?


what are the usual metrics one have to apply for SW improvement projects


In delivery processing which step comes first picking, packing, posting goods issue ?