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What are the different types of eways that you have worked in your project.


Write a program to implement the motion of a bouncing ball using a downward gravitational force and a ground-plane friction force. Initially the ball is to be projected in to space with a given velocity vector.


Hello, i am planning to open a virtual store on a well know website in USA with two american business partners, they agreed to sponsor me and provide a residence for me, i will be responsible for managing as well as shipping & handling of the merchandise, i dont have any work experience in managing, my question is...can i apply for a working visa in US? Thank you.


what is servo motor & how does it work.


Testcases for msword( microsoct office word??


HI, Please let me know the syllabus for Oracle OCA and OCP Certification


A roof has a U value = 0.65 W/m2 .C. Extra insulation is to be provided. This insulation has a thermal resistance = 1.5 m2"C/W. Calculate the new improved U value.


what is the diffrence between pressure safety valve & pressure relief valve....pls


what is first order of reaction?


which year apsrtc won nobleprize


What is reconcile Adjustment Account in SAP Business One


Please. Does someone know how to inicialize tapes in ATL? I need have 100 tapes to init inside the ATL, how is the process to complete this request?


HI Any one want brain dump Please mail me.I have genuine dumps by just reading that you can pass exam.Just mail exam code I will provide dump. Mail


how to control the speed to switched reluctance motor


what are all the human resource policies?