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i need some project topics along with circuit diagram in the electrical adnd electronics engg and also give ome website regarding mail id is .please help me.


i have applied for university of tennessee. my ielts score is 7.0 bands, toefl 77 and gre 810. i have quite a number of backlogs ie 15. what should i say if they ask me about my backlogs. this is for the third time am applying. And have changed the university. the last time it was international technological uni? please helppp!!!!!!!!!!!!


how to find rmc plant MD?


Tips for blog integration by Can Any body suggest me to how to make wonderful questions on web integration..


how will u use com+ register


hi all, I joind this form just now, actualy i wanted to know the interview questions for SAP CRM (Base Cost., Sales,Marketing). Plese send me your reply on thanks


cat 5E cable with brown colour cable what will be its speed in kbps for internet?


What is meant by biotransformation and swertiamarin?


explain structured testing? plz guys with exp. do answer


Please tell me the power flow from pmg to main rotor of an alternator (Including AVR unit)?


How to calculate CFM in Compressure or Blower? EX. I hv Blower with 5hp motor.then how to calculate the CFM?


What is sampling density for image analysis?


How to create virtual directory in IIS?


What is the difference between a client & customer in a SAP BI Project?? Is it same?


kailan po ba lumalaki at lumiliit ang tubig sa dagat?at saan naman ito kumukuha ng tubig para lalaki ang tubig?