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Write a program in ASP that connect with "Employee" Database and Select all records from "Emp" table and shown in tabular form.


why industry prefer ht motor instead of lt motor.


Can any one send me IOCL instrumentation question papers.. i dont know the pattern of the questions and what to prepare can any one help me on this .. my email id is


what was the reason for your rejecting last time?


what is cenvat credit? plz tell service tax interest rate and watz it procedure...


Hi. Please can you tell me, we are in the process of getting a sponsored skilled job in Australia, when we apply for the visa (457) can we at the same time apply for permanent residence in Australia?


How to do maintenance of transformer feeder.


Hi Buddies...i am lalitha. i am willing to appear for cognos bi-author certification. can anyone of you send me cognos dump. please please help me.


Hi, I am preparing for Indian Forest Service (UPSC). Can you please help me to get previous years question papers (Chemcial Engineerign) (atleast 5).


what is the working of tcp/ip?


Why do we need to create an alias if we can directly use the table name? What are the benefits of referring a table name by its alias? Also, when should we go for alias and when for synonyms?


what are your plans after completing your MBA (or) studies ?


i am going for the IT Officer written test,can any body mail me the question bank to


Can we sue employer if the employer is deducting the Rs.1665/- from the employee towards PF including the PF admin charges (1.61%) and depositing without adding a single Rupee from his pocket. DO the employer has right to deduct PF admin CHarges from Employee. Under what sections of PF we can sue employer. THanks


how to calculate duct fittings surface area ?