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write sql query vertical to horiozontal following table id name 1 100 2 dinesh 3 india 1 101 2 suresh 3 india 1 103 2 prakesh 3 usa i want output like id name country 100 dinesh india 101 suresh india 103 prakesh usa


Types of applications that can benefit from using XML?


What is MSE certificate?, It is certified by CA or not, Please clarify this.


What are special signature schemes ?


I have cleared my CDS(OTA)written test.Now how should I prepare for the SSB interview? What all I need to do? n from where can I know the medical fitness criteria?


Am I gonna face some problems with VO, as I have some backlogs during my engineering, but I completed it within 4 years with 65% aggregate. My GRE score is 1320 and TOEFL score is 95. Please also tell me the exact way to count the backlogs.


at what rate the micro controller increment its it 1micro seconds or 1/(12*10^6) seconds


How to interfacing microcontroller with a DC motor


what is meant by vector group of a transformer? How can it be derived?


how a log ratio amplifier works?


what process model is the best for on line shopping?.. v-model waterfall or spiral?


among the tax revenue of the goverment of india ,the most important is a.income tax b.custom duty. c. corporation tax. d. union excise duty.


what ia tha c++ code to find the position of prime numbers in prime number series??


why the flower petals are in particular is any biochemical work for that?


why the active power flow of some line is increased when the active power of out is cut ?