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why sielent pole is used only in hydro generators and not in turbo generators


what are the type of testing and methodologies


what is difference between account and accounting


how to paid vat return file prosisior pls find me it


How we make bend & diffuser from any pipe (it's equation)& how we mark in pipe....


Hi all this is ATUL this side I have given my interview for SBI CLERK GRADE ON 28/04/2010 at DEHRADUN SBI LEARNING CENTER . If there is any one else who had attended interview on the same date/venue in morning session plz contat to me regarding further advancement about the recr. Process. Please be in touch My phone no is 09312813345 Email –id Or find me on facebook at


over all details about tax what is mean by headge fund and detail explanation?


Whatis the reset ofset and control system in instrumentation


Describe one algorithm for image segmentation?


Between educational qualification and practical work experience, give us a brief explanation on your practical experience in your past Endeavour that you performed well to the satisfaction of your past or present employer?


what is a meaning of track record in tally software when we maintain the inventory entry what is role of track record


What is ERD used in Elevators??


Hi, I am in need of interview questions from Engineers india limited in chemical engineering.if any one has kindly post it to me soon.


What’s the role of Lieutenant & Captain in Army?


A user of a web application sees a jsessionid argument in the URL whenever a resource is accessed. What does this mean? a. The form must have the field jsessionid b. URL rewriting is used as the session method c. Cookies are used for managing sessions