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Hello Sir, My curent employer has applied a canadian long term visa for me. I dont have reliving letter for one of the company (first employer) which i have worked for. Hence, company was asking for a declaration certificate and I have produced it. I am sure I will get the Visa stamped for this time. I would like to know what will happen in future, if I apply for any kind of visa through different employer (any country or Canada) with another employer details. Is there any possiblity for the counsalte to find out this fake information?


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Hi All, This is karthik from bangalore, I have applied for my H1B and it got selected in lotto and it's approved on June 19 2008.Now i am waiting for mu interview date. I am working here with a software company for 3 years but before 6 months it was taken over by another concern and now all my revisal letter and pay slip will have both the companies name logo etc..... my questions is.. Will it affect anyway in my H1B interview?


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