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What is a prompt box?


In the application that I'm testing is having a WYSIWIYG editor.QTP is recording editor's body as web element. I want to add some data to this web Element at run time. The problem is that I cant find a method to add contents to this web Element. Can any one come up with an answer for this. Thankx.


What are the five challenges you faced in QTP?


why we r not earthed Control cable of C.T. terminals


what is the project environment(for each project the environment is same or different to different project)?


I've just started to work as an accounts executive and intending to take up SAP. Can anyone tell me what are the preparations required for me as an accountant to be a successful SAP consultant.


Differences between Array and Booth Multipliers?


Kindly let me know how to setup JMeter for functionality testing of a Web application.. The apache help doc is good but i m little confused with it... :(


can hyrogen be used as fuel in parral with coal in boliers


How to Disable system menu in code?


hi could anyone tell me that what is the syllabus and qn model for HPCL engineering trainee exam????


what will be the output for the following main() { printf("hi" "hello"); }


what will happen if synchronous machine rotor fed from single phase ac supply 


To.set the command button for ESC ___ Property has to be changed.


A. What two basic questions must be answered by an inventory control decision rule? B “If line employees are required to work on quality improvement activities, their productivity will suffer.” Discuss.