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Where I can get ITB/ISTQB sample question paper?


what is the meaning of trademark and patent rights in govt of india and how it is useful in marketing management? explain with suitable products.


How would you best determine why your MVIEW couldn't FAST REFRESH?


In hyderabad, which s/w training center is best for java, other than corejava what r the new tools to learn in java,which tool is best & have current requirement,pls give me information about java to learn ?


im ece applyng 4 rrb junior engineer (electrical) i got hallticket....plz...try to send the syllabus of junior engineer(electrical)


what will be project cost for 100 kv transformer connection under oyt scheme.


what is the job profile of ministerial.


What is accounts payable?


What are the materials available to prepare individually for competetive exams in Instrumentation field? Plz reply...


A power plant control system?


Give an example where we have to specifically use C programming language and C++ programming language cannot be used?


When we include a new customer, we have to maintain condition record every time or there is a process by which we can validate the condition record to that new customer belonging to the same sales area?


hii.i am a B.TECH(EEE) graduate.i want 2 know wat type of qusns r asked in sbi clerk interview 2 candidates like me??kindly post answers ASAP..


iam 10th fail but i got a offer letter an 30days visa, from Bahrain .but now i want to clear my ecr what can i do for that .now i have a orgnial copy of visa and contact letter


can you define exogenity endogenity both terms are from economics both are different from exogenous & endogenous variables. I can not find the answers. please help if you can....