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Waht is surge in compressors and how to control it?


i want default printer name in sap-scripts? please help me how to handle this one.


how soon can you travel down to start your new job?


which is better php,,jsp? and why?


Hi Friends i have plan to do certifcation in mercury Automation Tool QTP.But I Didnt get any clear details regarding course syllabus,fees and where to approach so can any one send me the details


Dyn1 transformer vector group testing how to do


How to a create header dynamically in a crosstab report in cognos 8.1?


hii.plz send me hpcl placement papers for officers trainees for graduate engg plz my email id is


How many documents generated at the time good received? What are they ?


What is the basic principal, by which DC voltage level is increased more than the supplied AC voltage during conversion. As upto AC level it is contorrled by firing anlge but after maximum level how is it possible.Please clear picture. OR we have to supply the higher level AC?


hiiiiiiiiiiii i am a person of G.C(general category) and i want to attempt the lic delelopment officer test . i have done mba in marketing and i am agency holder of lic for 3 years. am i elligible for this test .or this test is only for s.c/b.c persons please tell me sir ,,, mailme at,


i need of the bhel question papers along with answers and also give some website names for the downloading question (electrical and electronics engg question)please help me....


please provide to us the rules of wct in andhra pradesh (Hyderabad)


What are different tools to report data in SAP? What all have you used ?


sadrine's avg on four tests is 80 which of the following cannot be the number of tests on which she earned exactly 80 points