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What is easiest way to get the PL/i compiler,I didn't have found the compiler in my library. Is there any extra cost if we want to access the PL/1 programs?Actually we r having Mainframe rented training Ids


Exterior Joints,define


I am student of B.Sc (Life Sc) 1st yr... i wish to become a Doctor...Can i be suggested the steps to this?? and i would like to know abt MMS process ..exactly from where n when i can fill application form...plss help me in this thnx


what is the impact of bank garantee of rs 100000 on cash flow statement which has been expired...& impact on bank reconcilation statement


How to improve the strength of fly ash bricks to avoid corner damge? How to get the color lighter similar to normal concrete blocks/


Is there a difference in professional tax and profession tax.....are they same or which one is correct?


how to calculate the chair reinforcement length in slabs, footing or anywhere??


how to preaper for interview wat they asked in interview give me idea


Explain a situation when you felt that you dealt with a situation inadequately, and how has that changed how you would approach the same situation?


Tactical planning is long-term & uncertain-Explain. principal of navigational change implies that a plan must be flexible.-Explain


what is SDLC ?and write a 'c'program for to swapping the three numbers?


What is the different between Excise Invoice and Invoice


What amount of follow-on investment do you think our company will need to succeed? - Venture Capitalists


what are client settings?


what is short term goel and long term goel