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Sir, I'Ve interview with IBM . I want few SAP-SD real time tickets and its solution . ... E-Mail New Answers Answer Selected Questions Post New SD Question ...


how to calculate professional tax, what is the percentage and also turn over tax.


write a code that user can choose/alter Body Text Size


what is a state cheque? how it differes from stale cheque?


I want to use RTI ACT to know the information about the SBI CLAERK GRADE EXAM 2009-10 as I am frustrated by this delay by CRPD SBI. Anybody know how to use Right To Information for this purpose? Please post Here...


data data1; input dt account; format dt date9.; cards; 1745 1230 1756 1120 1788 1130 1767 1240 ; data data2; input startdt enddt total; format startdt date9. enddt date9.; cards; 1657 1834 12300 1557 1758 16800 1789 1789 12300 1788 1345 12383 1899 1899 13250 ; proc sql; create table data3 as select * from data1 as x left join data2 as y on x.dt>=y.startdt and x.dt<=y.enddt; quit; Here, we are getting cartision product. But,I want left join report consisting of this program. It should not get duplicate values. you can modify the program also.


why there was 17 stage of compressor in the most of the gas turbine . depending on what?


What is sensitivity?


Does Kylix support ODBC?


What is GRIR, GRIR effect, why it is imp, How it is analysed, What is expected out GRIR, What is auto write off & Manual GRIR write off?


Gratuity & PF calculation & New Changes in rule ?


Would you be able to do time-recording?


How to provide security in java


what is proper capacitor placement? How to evaluate capacitor size?


What prior experience do you have that you think will be useful in this role?