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How to disable the Delphi / Borland C++ Builder splash screen ?


im ravi frm tumkur i did mba in finance.i m seeking job in finance if any body knows abt job vecancies or walk in in bangalore please inform me my cell no is 9986288362 and my e mail id is


Hello, i am Suraj. I got rejected on my ineterview on december 8th and have again taken the date for 17th.During my interview a guy quarreled with the interview taking person and then the same girl took my interview. My all documents are upto date bank balance is enough,self property is good,watevr she asked i told her fluently but also she rejected telling me that ma income source is not enough. I dont understand why i got rejected. The friends who had taken the interveiw along with me got selected though their family background is more poor than mine. i am afraid i will get rejected again. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you


we have virtual function then why need of pure virtual function.


in a year once,in a month two,in a week four, in a day six times?


Paid office electricity charges Rs 15000/- and Ram partners residence electricity charges 1250 thr andhra bank cheque


What happens if the info. Server doesn't find the session parameter in the parameter file?


Hi....... Iam kiranmai . i completed graduation . iam preparing for junior assistants in intermediate board. If any one know about the exam and syllabus. Please mail me. If any one have previous model papers plz send me. My


What is the sugested procedure of water purification for public supply?


How should you call loadrunner scripts using testdirector


what is non tax audit & due date for & if return is not filed within due date then


in companies what is the use of websphere?


where can v get group II material in english, is it posssible 2 prepare 4 this exam in english.


What is middle ware testing?? what are the companies using this tech?


Who to create a budget on software company