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what is the instrument that used in Mechanical Energy??


what is the meaning of written-off as goodwill written-off


Is there any other options to create a site definition for MOSS other than using onet.xml.


How to delete a node from linked list w/o using collectons?

923 ideal size of bricnk use in india,joint size of mortar in massinary ,how many bricks used in to test at site.what is the possition of marka used in bricks?


re: when i am posting insharecapitalpaid i received one message that is there is no item is assigned to this account (bankaccount)/company code


I was refused UK student visa 9 years back. Thereafter, I lost my refusal letter & passport. Now I have new passport & it has no reference of previous passport. At present, I need to apply for 6 months visa to appear in an exam. But I have no idea as to how I can fill visa form providing info of earlier refusal. As I lost passport & refusal letter, I can't exactly remember date, reasons & ref no. of refusal Please help


what r the question asked in interview of gate,is it related to course?


HI Sir.. My f1 visa got rejected on this 30th december. I'm going to reapply within 17 to 22 Jan.i need your help about how to prepare well for interview. one thing i want to let you know is they give me very strange reason that " i will make my stay forever there".


what is scupper?


whether non payment of due leave is unauhorised deduction from wages or not?


What are the Roles and responsibilities of database administrator?


how to copy form data between different pages


how can we retrieve value from one database server and store them another database server using sql server code


What is the circulation of I.O. pump of diesel engine?