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Question struts 1.3 features?
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 Question Submitted By :: karuna.thambala
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1) Conversion to and from FormBean to ValueObjects (though
it can be achieved with one line statement using
BeanUtils,but a automatic conversion would be desired)

2) Passing a subset of ActionForm through the Action chain
(using seperate set of ActionForm for a single HTML Form)

3) Using ActionForm not only as a carrier of data from HTML
forms to the Action but also to display data after
executing the Action

4) Changing the execute() method signature to pass only the
ActionForm and ActionMapping, and no
HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse objects.
Struts should be protocol agnostic.

5) Replacing static ActionForm with DynaActionForm for all
cases. ActionForm should be dynamic enough to include
parameters that are created dynamically using javascript.

6) Though not part of core Struts, having a sophisticated
Struts tag library,like displaying tabular data with run
time selection of style sheets,would definitely be handy.

7)Struts developers have completely rebuilt the
RequestProcessor using the Chain-of-Command/Chain-of-
Responsibility (CoR)
pattern implemented in Apache Commons-Chain

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