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why conservator contains 8% total oil qty in transformer any formula to calculate


Have you prepared traceability matrix and how to prepare it?


While depositing cash at any bank above then Rs 50K, we need to provide PAN Card or we have to fill form 60, but tell me why a person needs to sign FORM 60 if he is paying installments of >50K of Loan availed by him/her earlier? As if he is repaying Loan, not depositing in his A/c?


Tell me about Tesla.


What are common snowflake shapes?


how to prepare group1 exam?and what is the syllabus?


How to measure the earth resistance value in a concrete pavement(flood light area)?


2. Masi specialises __ plesent ,well balanced wines into, about ,in, with 3. By the time I arrived __ the pub she all ready left in, on , at, into 4. erbiage the act of doing something the use many words witout nessecity a vegitable non of the above


What is the WCT percentage under which the amount is being deducted in Punjab. Under what Notification and dated when???????????. Serious Senor I need the answer other wise I would not have posed this question; Please send the answer to the mail address.


Do you have any proof from your new employer regarding your responsibilities?


how much brick, cement, and sand required in 1mtr X 0.23mtr X 1mtr brickwork(1:4), 230mm thick wall and 10mm thick mortar , brick size 230mm X 70mm X 110mm


plz send me a solved paper on SBI of clerk post


How are you qualified for the position of Assistant Clinical Director?


how can i add properties in dynamic text fields using .js file?


Explain Circuit Breaker Trip Characteristics in detail.