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Question How to calculate cement and sand quantities in cement mortar
As 1:1,1:2,1:4,1:6 ?
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 Question Submitted By :: banmayank
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For planter 20mm thickness
area 100m2
= 100*.02= 2m3
20% for wide of brick work & westage.
=2*.2= 2.4m3
Bluk 1.3
For bag .996/.03496=28.45bagscement
for slarry 1sqmtr =2kg cement.
So 100sqmtr 200kg/50 =4 bags
total cement qty =28.45+4= 32.45 bags cement
=2.99*2=5.98m3 sand
Note: this qty condider for only for plaster.

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  jitender mishra
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