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For which nematode problem would you suggest use of a genetically resistant cultivar and why?


how does this job compare with others you have aplied for?


Relationship between bank and share markets:


5. What are the tests you are conducting through winrunner?


Why didn’t you try for SSB after 12th through NDA?


my graduate school had my gre score sent to them by ets but up till now that i am about to attend the interview i do not have my copy of the score


tell me the scenarios of the independent in reports


please provide me the previous technical papers for ece branch conducted by hpcl


A father has three daughters find out the age of three daughters ? 1-the product of their age is 36. 2-the sum of their age is equal to your house number . 3-my eldest daughter has green eyes.


what all questions can be asked for h1b visa u.k in chennai embassy ?


what are the topics choosen for jam round for interviews


What is the use of string function tolower(string)?


is there any role of power factor with frequency variation? and how we can manage the frequency variation?


My Wife is working as Software engineer in one of the leading IT company , she already have approved L1 VISA , her company did not make use of it , we were trying to transfer her to USA directly through her company it does not seem to work , still not confirmed , now i am planning to bring my wife as depenedent(H4) to me , as i am in USA with H1 VISA , we have confusion , my wife not willing to resign until H4 is stamped , my doubt here is ,1. will a company allow to me apply for dependent VISA when she is working in a company ? 2. If they allow to process , if in case H4 is stamped ,she did not resign from job , if her company agrees to send her to USA using the same old company;s L1 , is it valid after getting H4 stamped ?


What is Self-Installation Kit ?