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hi...i jst wana know that appx. what percentage of marks(not asking about bank s minimum reqiurements) do we require to clear in the bank written clerical test?


how much one carpenter can doing shuttering of slab in one day


How maesure earth neutral value & how much maximum value value required in between earth & neutral.


how do u start your process after conducting impact analysis ?


Can any one send me oracle form and reports tutorials from which i may get me on my mail


ssc lower division clerk promtions and carrier growth can u explain sir?


main role of medical representative


How difference windows from dos? Explain the ways of organizing windows. what is the use network neighborhood? what is the use control panel in windows xp?


A company pays its salespeople on a commission basis. The salespeople receive $200 per week plus 9 percent of their gross sales for that week. For example, a saleperson who sells $5000 worth of merchandise in a week receives $200 plus 9 percent of $5000, or a total of $650. You have been supplied with a list of items sold by each salesperson. The values of these items are as follows: Item Value A 239.99 B 129.75 C 99.95 D 350.89 Write a program that inputs one salesperson's items sold in a week (how many of item A? of item B? etc.) and calculates and displays that salesperson's earnings for that week.


Tell me something about chennai for 2 mins.


why we use 630mm single core cable for transformer secondary side and why two neutral cable


How securied Corporate Fixed deposite is? And can Corporate Fixed deposite is insured?


Just a one miniute topics in English?


Is VSS Y2K compliant?


Why line VTG = √3 phase VTG in star? How?