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i need to add 1000 users in a domain i written the script for that and it is running successfuly but the problem is that my system is not the user of that domain in which i have to add users so for adding users in that domain i have to install qtp on that another system, can anybody suggest me the way to add those users from my system ultimately i want to know how to access remote computer through script


A 230V dc shunt wound motor has an armature resistance of 0,15Ω.When operating on no load at 650 rev/min the armature current is 6A . The motor takes a full load current of 85A. Calculate the full load speed if the field flux is (i) maintained constant (ii)reduced by 0,03


Advantage of Update Panel over 2.0 + C#+ Microsoft Ajax 1.0


sir tell me the formula for calculating the volume of 380mm dia double under reamed pile of 4.0 mts depth.


You own 50 shares of reliance indu. On 30th Jan 2013 Reliance indu.delcared a dividend fo rs 4 per share. The proceeds were credited to your bank account on 25th March 2013. Payment fo dividend was subject to a withholding tax 2%. Please pass the necessary journal entries in your books of accounts for the period Jan and March 2013.


i am btch 4th semester ece student.i want to get idea 6th month indistrial tranning and job in tcs.


plz. send me a rrb assistent loco pilot previous papers


why jobs been done night time


What do you know about the basic components and functions of the lymph and the lymphatic system?


what are the slab rate for F Y 2010-11


what is vtg limit of earth and neutral at transformer side?


Which chemical is used as antiscalent in RO water treatement plant?


hi whats the exact time of group1 exam ?


which type of material is F125?


what is the maximim current drawn by 1 phase and three phase welding machine