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what is differentila pilot supervision in the incomer control panel in the power station?


how a TV work, & working principle of TV, what parts include for its function?


Consider a fixed subnet partition of a class B network number that will accommodate at least 76 networks. How many hosts can be on each network? Also mention how you calculated that.


Hi , actually i just wanted to apply on L1B blanket on Specialized skills. just i need template of roles and resposibilities in USA.


hi i am electronics & telecomm engg & appling 4 the AAI jr executive (electronics/ATC) written test. pls forward me the syllabus & old question papers.I will be very much thankful to you. and


If appointed as a clerk in SBI associated How many years at once will the transfer take place . If I am not interested in a transfer will they accept


Hi all, I have been selected for the post of inspector(central excise) but someone told me that it's not a job suitable for girls. Is it really so? do they work late night shifts?


What are your relationships with Venture Capitalists


How we call WMLScript from WML page?


i want to know how to list out the mass activities and mass organizational levels...


what are the commercial roles of the banks


what is the use of pojo (plain old java objects)? how it is interact with crystal reports? pls urgent


Why we cant store an ac power. If we coo store in which device we can?


Is it mandatory for the employees staff of a School, if so give details


is the value of inductance depends upon the evalue of thitha in doubly excited machine?