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How to calcute the cable size for both HT and LT please specify the formula for that Regards Chethan C


anybody, Please send me the NIC(scientific officer/programmer) model questions papers to this mail


How were the reports scheduled and how to resolve unexecuted documents?


What is the difference between a cash flow statement and an accural profit & loss account ? And why do simple organisations do not feel the need for a profit and loss type of statement ?


What is memory leak and defect leak? Is there any harness testing? If yes, please explain?


how will calculate 4"thick solid block quantities 1m3 sand cement ratio and breack up detail


c ka base kya hota hai? what is communication?


how to convence to your doctor for Rx tour product?2)why u r join to pharma compony? what is the job of medical representative?what is atom?define cell wall?


What is meant by ERP? If examples can be given, that would be really helpful...


How can you write the scripts that operate on different objects depending on run-time information?


Suppose you need to conduct a small marketing research study in your neighborhood regarding the purchase and use of detergent powders. What will be your approach in the process? (4 marks)


What is the flow of Invoice?


How to Get printer capabilities?


We had paid TDS against rent in assessment year 2009-2010. But by mistake one of the pan no of the landlord was wrongly entered. Now the demand has been raised. Please advise how to correct the situation.


root tree will find which is server job and which is parallel job?