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How to calculate cable size in HT AND LT


Remember that an interview is a two-way conversation. For you, the interview has two purposes: One, to sell yourself, and two, to evaluate the position. After asking questions, the interviewer usually invites you to ask questions. By asking informed questions, such as the following, you not only gain knowledge about the potential employer, but you also make a good impression:


what is milling and types of milling?what is drilling and types of drilling? what is tapering and their types?


In 200 words or less, please tell us why you believe you are a suitable candidate for this role.


3. A vane 12.5 cm long, 8.8 cm dia was pressed into a soft clay at the bottom of borehole. Torque was applied and the value at failure was 55 N-m. find the shear strength of the clay on a horizontal plane.


How to calibrate or test an LT Air Circuit breaker 440 volts, 35 KA, 800 Amps ?


how to wiring it with contactor and timer together


Hello to all....I am an Instrumentation Graduate and i am passed out in this year only.. I am unable to find the job in my core instrumentation.. so any boby tell me how to and where to search the job....please...and also tell me i there are any courses offered in the instrumentation stream so i can do it... you can send your suggestions to my mail-id i.e ... please..


Test script is generated and it is enhanced.It is required to be saved.But the disk space is insufficient.You are not permitted to delete any scripts.How are you going to save?


HI frds,,,am final yr IT student.. i secured 81% in x 55% in xii 87% in Btech upto last sem (no standing arrears..) i dt kw clearly abt MNC eligibility criteria.. i heard tat TCS hired 1y abv 60% pls help me.. wic cmpnys r anouncd 55% may eligibl in 2011??? pls rly me clearly and sugst som of d compny names...


How would you add elements and pictures to listitems in listview control?


What happen Grid EARTH plat got cut.


why stress relieving of stainless steel is not preffered


Write a function to print all the combinations of a string both uppercase and lowercase without altering the position of each letter.


Why dont you sit for any professional languas test?