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What revenues have you gained for your previous employers?


what is the heat insulation material is adaptable for a flue gas duct that carries waste heat from brick kiln to brick drier and what temperature is required to maintain at the tunnel to dry adobe bricks adequately


Hi Mr.Anil even i am looking for the same to start up a call center did u come to know the details if u plese let me alo mail id is


in 25 words explain what you understand to be the difference between administrative [immigration] detention and correctional imprisonment.


What is the difference between and ActiveX dll and control?


What you likes and dislikes in your parents


what is the lat date of tds deposit for march 2010 ASSESSMENT YEAR 2010-2011


For called program components that are of type transaction or report, what is true about the roll area (assuming processing will resume in the calling program). a) They run in their own roll area b) They run in the roll area of the caller c) Share the same roll area Note: I think Answer is C. Any comments?


In single phase capacitor motor, if the motor rotate reverse direction then how much power will be consumed by the motor and why?


what is normalisation?what are its uses?


What you would like to wear traditional or western ?


4. State & explain the various financial & non- financial incentives to motivate the people in an organisation.


How to detect the CPU type of the computer the application is running on?


what is the difference between earthing and unearth


How to restrict billing information to AR?