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How did you get your I-20?


How to Prevent windows task switching ?


How to find No of classes,Packages,No of Methods per Classes and Depth of Inheritance for selecting source code in windows form application using c# .net? (Source code is input Program. It may be Java or .net) Please help me..) Thanks..)


can anybody sent me power grid questions. what subject should i prefer for preparation?


hi guys,how was the idbi asst. managers exam?can anybody tell me what ll be a safe score sectionwise,keeping in mind the level of difficulty?


i cleared the written xam. for the post of atc now what i am going to prepare for the interview me i dnt wanna loose this organisation bcoz its my dream company


draw vector diagram and +ve,zero sequence diagram of symmetrical three phase fault.


How to Add a document to the Windows 95 Start Button's documents ?


How C2C12 cells model for differentiation?


How to Reconciliation AP to CM ? How to Reconciliation AR to CM ?


Explain Processing Instructions mechanism ?


Who has influenced you the most? How? speak for 2 minutesĀ 


consider therez 1 land and it has mango trees in it, what are the tets cases or how will we count no of mangoes on all trees


how do prepare ongc is it question model.i am electrical. which part covering in electrical.tell me


Ceiling fan motor wiring Hi, I have 2 ceiling fans broken. The receiver/control units burned out due to lightening. One Harbor Breeze and one Hunter's I took them apart (remove receiver units). Now on both of the motor I see 4 wires coming out from each motor I really want to know the function of each wire. Are there anyway I can test to see which is which? After searching forums I know these 4 wires are from 2 sets of coils inside the motor, one is Start winding and the other is Runing winding I could not find the receiver/control unit any where, so I am planing to buy Capacitors and universal remote controls to make the fans run again. Anyone has any idea how to do the wiring, please help Thnks