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Briefly describe your ideal job


Explain the them Corporate Governance Yesterday, today & Tomorrow"


can anyone guide me me for engineering service commission exam?


Which versions of Merge are Year 2000 (Y2K) compliant?


create a flow diagram up to 2 levels for hospital management


Explain how you Automate your application using Shell scripting.


Can anyone explain me about the capacitor calculation


What difficulties and challenges do you foresee in making the move from managing a single plant to managing multiple plants? How will you overcome these difficulties and challenges?


Do you have any tips for using 3G phones?


i got 5 bands in ielts if a visa interviewer asked me why got 5 bands then what will be my answer


How were the ravines of chambal formed? Why do ravines exist only in that particular area?


What advantages does your competition have over you? - Venture Capitalists


This refers to the travel of my son in denmark in which his connecting flight from manila to hongkong then london lastly to denmark. my question is, do we need to secure a transit visa from your office as per advice from the staff of denmark embassy in manila, if so, what are the pertinent documents to be submitted in order for my son and my wife to travel without any delay. My son and my will wife will leave manila on 17 May 2010. Your prompt reply on this request is higly appreciated Thank you! Mabuhay po kayo ! Sincerely yours, Alejo A. Ocampo, Jr, Father of Jerone Ocampo


What are the best things that your co-workers say about you? What are the worst things?


Why the finite element method is lower bound solution?