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Tell me about a time when you had to use your presentation skills to influence someone's opinion.


hello friends this is krunal here.. i have applied for he officer train in hpcl electrical stream.. any one who have applied before for electrical stream please help me out.. post ur reply to my mail id: any tips, old questions for paper or any help will do.. plz help me.. your faithfully, Krunal Darji


How do you keep customizations during a migration?


why zero sequence impedance measurement is not applicable for single phase GT


Recordset object consists what?


sir i m working as postal assistant from last two years, i heared about system assistant job in post office. please tell me about qualification for that particular cadre


How to Determine if you have Delphi v3.02 installed?


i need to prepare for iocl exam.pls provide me the book names for apptitude section which include reasoning,numerical ability,logical deductions......


If someone knows about the test pattern of Junior executive accounts than please share.


how will you adjust voluntary seperation payment in cash flow statement


1. transformer design formula ? 2. how to calculate the primary turns and secondry turns ? 3. core types ? 4. how to find the primary current and secondry current ? 5. how to calculate the stacking factor ? 6. range of fulx density ?


What change management functions do you require? How do you want to define the validity of BOMs (based on date/freely definable parameters)? Must existing change histories be transferred to the R/3 System?


What are the Difficulties you found while testing your module ? plese give the possible difficulties.


how we design a pannel to start 10HP motor with the help of star delta starter?


What is the unit audit? if our Max demand is something and we found much more unit then how to improve our max demand?