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describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures.


What are the steps to create new tax category?


Can someone please tell me about the work of central secretariat services ? What are the positive and negative features of this job as compared to others?


i want know about the job profile of the assistant in css. do they have any posting else than delhi?


List the type of testing perform to test microsoft excel 2003 give atleast 1 example of each type


what is Calculation of Depreciation for 4 to 5 Years?


How to find out slope footing concrete


how pass journal entry in the month ending for input vat and out put vat


How to calculate earth wire load by formula


hi, these r the ques asked by tcs.. 1.what do sap hr consultants do in 5phases of asap methodology? how u did documentation? 2.Tables you come across in payroll process?n after copying wagetypes in which table they get stored?n table for indirect valuation? 3.wht r the steps u followed to create dynamic actions? wht r the dynamic actions u created? u do exemptions in indian payroll? 5.wht is igmod? wht is the use of it? 6.where u save payroll results? u do evaluation path? dont say the configuration path..say the process.. 8.wht configuration u did in OM in implementation? 9.wht r the steps to do hiring action? n on how many actions u have worked?how u configured all those things?


can any one tell me how to get usa address using passport number or social security number.Please help me This is urgent


How would you permanently remove the threat of data falling into the wrong hands?


Who will take care of test plan and test case?


what is the detail procedure to filling ITR-I,ITR-II AND ITR- 1V V1 IE e-filling procedure


what are the "proven" if any benefits of Alkaline H20 not only medically but in any other area as well.