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PO Amount is 100000 Jv is Purpose A/c To Party A/c First payment is 10000 TDs is 1000 What is the Payment enter in tally


What is the major differance between Multi-Org setup in 11i and R12 instance


Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures


what are the different types of dBASE Unique style indexes ?


The new features of the JDBC 2.0 API, will be supported for JDBC-ODBC Bridge?


What is session and Cokkies . How it works . tell some thing about Session_id()


How can you move the master database


what are obsolete function modules FROM version 4.5b to ECC 6.


is there is mentioned that we can adjust excess debtors with creditor in the stock statement while calculating Drawing Power


What are the ITU-T (CCITT) Standards ?


How can I write a multi-homed server?


Who is to paid income tax and what is the procedure of filling income tax return?


Can anybody tell abt concrete encased earthing or grounding?


What did you like most and least about your last job?


I have doubt on Input VAT & Output VAT (incoming vat / outgoing vat) I have a HMS software, where we have interface to tally erp. When we import the transactions to Tally from HMS (Hospital Management System) All the purchases what we do for a period, the tax paid on these purchase are showing as out going vat. Similarly when we do the sales of those purchased items through HMS, tax collected from customer is showing as incoming vat. Is these are correct terms what they had mentioned in HMS? Please help me out.