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what is the use of surogate key in datastage


hello.. i went for the visa interview on 10th august 2009, and was ma interview was very short and i was unable to know the reason.. i have applied for ms in elect engg in csula. i: good morning sir. VO: DID not replied and asked for passport and all. after having ma finger print he asked me which unv? i: CSU LA VO: how many unv have u applied for and name them? i: 2 sir, csula and Nyit vo: why nyit? ( being very loud) i: becox the course and curriculum are quite similar to ma objectives and i am interested in this research program they are offerring. vo: why nyit? ( being more louder) i: becoz i wnted to keep it as an option if in any case i was not admited in csula. vo: wat option? i am asking u why Nyit? i: becoz they are proving me a spz of microcomputers and digital systems. and also ma teachers and seniors reffered me this unv. vo: do u have ny relation in us? i: no blood relation but i do have some seniors there. vo: i am sorry cant grant u d visa. i am taking date after 15th it possible people get visa's in 2nd attempt. where i lacked last time. and next time wat ll i possibly say dat y was i rejected last time. does ma first rejection ll affect ma 2nd interview. plz help me...




why we permissive overreach in distance protection.where it is applicable to use in long r short lines


globlisation of market. merit or demarit


What is the height of ESMA card?


Lets say,flipkart search button we have entered category[i.e watches] it displays some items...question is how to test price displayed each product is correct or not through qtp


how will u recieve idoc


What is the role of the W3C in Web accessibility?


Can test condition,testcase and testscript help u in performing the static testing


regarding safety what would u consider the most important rules to observe when inspecting electrical equipment?


What are the join problems comes appart from loop,chasm & fan Traps


What was the requirement of IDoc in your project? How it was working?


What percentage increase in sales did you contribute to you previous companies?


What is Bolted fault?