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How to Calculate the Fault Level of Electrical Installation


Did you participate in any extra curricular activities? What for? Do you gain any thing out of it?


is that any software calculator to calculate the size of cable


How do I select a database from the command line?


what is execute dataset for sp


In a file if a column account number conatain value 0001234.. how can we move the value to another variable without zero. value may contain any type such as 00123405. we need the value 1234 or 12305. how can we do that in cobol. Please help.


What would be the size of wire used for 2 Ton of window A.C?


There are two Business areas 1100 and 1200. I need to pick 1200 b.areaonly While enter the transaction? could any one please post the answer for this.


How to design a Unit auxiliary transformer for a power house having a unit of 65 MW and Generating voltage of 11 KV and Secondary voltage of 433V


"Trial Balance is not a comclusive proof of the accuracy of the books of accounts." Explain this statement and describe the errors which are not disclosed inspite of the agreement of trial balance.


Why does Oracle not permit the use of PCTUSED with indexes?


How TCP/IP Handles Flow Control?


If a partnership firm takes loan from a bank then where the charge of bank is required to registered. if yes then where to register??


How to Hide the application from the Windows Taskbar?


Wants to learn about HR Domain any Materials or webinar available ?