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i want know about the job profile of the assistant in css. do they have any posting else than delhi?


What was your failure in your sales career?




What experience have you had in working with field forces?


what is the procedure of a call? MS to MS STD. i want to know about the questions of telecom. plz send me on my mail id. friends also can send me ....... my mail id is


for 200 kg of cement how is the mix proportion in kg for m25 grade of concrete


what u know about genpact.


If Polarization index of motor 8.75 at 500volts of medium voltage 4.16 KV motor what this mean winding good or bad pl answer if any reffrence book give me the link


Which compound is involved in reducing levels of homocysteine in the blood?


hi i have been salected for interview of sbi clerk plz send me some questions that often asked in interview hall


does the Tcode EWZ5 exist in ECC6?I'm using NW2004S SR2 abap engine and EWZ5 doesn't exist in in that case what is the alternative to EWZ5?to see the list of users present in a client but not necessarily logged in and to to lock or unlock them? Thanks.


plz send me the placement interview question and answers of whizchip(technical and apttitude)..i have an interview in next.


what are the effects on the QoS in each layer of OSI model in network security?


Can anyone tell the proper diagram of star delta starter????


1. What is bound-by-call and bound-by-reference? 2. Where and why is *Nomain used? 3. What are the difficulties faced by programmers when using service programs? 4. Explain the different ways of parsing and compiling XML in iSeries.