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How I calculate the ELCB for circuit breakers?


How to know about the rating(voltage and other) of induction motor if its name plate is missing at the manufacturing site.


sir, i completed my and planning 2 take sun solaries training.Is having good future for it in india plz help me


Can a meta tag be used to set the Expires header?


How can I make calculation to Install level transmitter (DP) for open tank and close tank


what is Property......End Property loop? how to write sript for it in QTP


I am completed BE electronics and communication engineer I have 4 years experience in mainteance dept .am applying for c license is possible...How 2 get c license


What is Norton Ghost? How do i create a bootable disc?


Yes. Because the alternate key would first locate the primary key, which in turn locates the actual record. Needs twice the number of I/Os.


How to analyse the day to day sensex Points or Forex Values?


what is the need for balance interest calculation maintenance of setting in case a financial decides on interest rates and loan repayment due dates etc all other issues and we only need to pay the intrest amount ?


Fashion magazines always talk about the "collections." How is a collection put together?


Is copper tube withstand under hard water say as 500 TDS.And is it cleanable by solfamric acid or by tube brushing


Hi.. I completed my bbm.can i elegible for group-2 exam?what is the minimum percentage to write the exam? can any body plz give me the answer..


my kid needs to make an diagram explaining what a compound is