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If we create reports in Crystal Reports using the UCAR Data Warehouse database, which tables should be used?


What are the main features of Oracle 8i with context to datawarehouse?


what is the head for stock trnasfer


How VisiBroker provides an Implementation and Object Activation Support?


What does 100% statement coverage mean?


Straight line method to using Indian company names


why it is difficult to make heavy cuts if a form turning tool is complex in shape?


ist necessary to issue form c for the interstate purchase when the rate of tax is 1% all over india weather it is sold locally or other state for bullion. iam a registered dealer.


sir my exam is on 19/6/2013 under electrical branch pls send me sample aptitude questions as well as sample technical questions for jindal steel and power company


Did QTP prove efficient for your project? Yes or No, explain?


As a functional consultant how much knowledge i should have about tools used in oracle apps r12.


what is the importance of Phytochrome pigment?


Can you elaborate on SoapBindingSkeleton?


For ease of programming you can consider the maze as a 2D array with colors represented by below integer and characters (in capital letters). • B - Black • W -White • G- Green • R- Red R B W B W W W W W W B W B B W W W W W W W B W B W W W B W W W W B B W W W B W W W B W W B B B B W B W B W W B W W W B W W W B B B W W B W W W B W W B W B W W W B W B W W W W B B W W W W B W W W W W G Shortest Route Problem: • Solution that finds the shortest Route between Red and Green  White will have 1 Weight.  Red and Green carry no weights.  Shortest path is the path with less weight when you add up the weights in the path.


what is air intake system