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What directives support animations?


what is erp manufacturing perspective??


what type of earthing do for dry fissure rock?


why did you want to join banking sectors?


How often do you change design or Model of hotel?


why it is difficult to make heavy cuts if a form turning tool is complex in shape?


you are placed a high NPA Branch , how you control the situation.


what is XLink and XPointer ?


What is the difference among deadlock avoidance, detection and prevention?


How many item category flexifields you can have for an item and how will you assign an item category flexifields to an item?????


what is the reactive power what is the use of it in system


Is your marriage registered?


what do you know about May-Grunwald -Giemsa staining?


On which Dimension Table you implemented SCD Type in your Project


i finished my interview on 8th may....... they asked me these questions...... 1)tell me abt urself(I andwered for 2 mins) 2)difference between 2g and 3g(3g is faster than 2g)i forgot to answer that 3g has more bandwidth and it is circuit switched network 3)what is the uniqueness of 500 rupees note (that circle at corner for blind people , wen in light the colour of 500 changes) 4)what is the technology of atm(i dont know) 5)what are the different types of deposits(Recurring and fixed deposits) 6)what is recent hockey tournament going on(this also i dont know) 7)who is leading in recent world chess championship(anand wen i saw but later i dont know who was leading) 8)who is topper in recent IAS exams?(i didnt answer) 9)what u consider as ur life time achievement? the panel was very no tension...... ALL THE BEST for the rest........