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the total of a firm id a rs.6.4 lakh.he has gross profit margin 15% curre ratio of rs.2.5 the firm current libility is rs.96000,inventry, rs.48000 and cash rs 16000. determine the average inventry of firm iss 5 times determine the avg collectin period of opening balance.


a cost element is used for some cost center but only in some case like discount allowed particular internal order should be picked? can any one help me?


how to add a new table with variables and thier values into a imported file uisng proc import?


MS SQL error '17824 Unable to write to ListenOn connection ' what does this error mean?


in ring main system we use the isolater b/w transfer bus and main bus if we r not use isolatar than wat will be the effect in our sys.


Hi, Me & my friends want to train in Oracle Apps HRMS application(Functional). Hence i would need a real time trainer assistance/training institutes in Hyderabad. Kindly reply /contact me on 9703328023 in case you know.. Thanking you.


Hi my program is accesing data from two db2 databases.what is the bind card for this program to genarate plan? how to specify the two owners and two qualifiers in bind card


what are the accounting ratios


working principle of oil startar


what will happend if i fire this command in linux " rm -r / "


How to Disable ALT-F4 to prevent form closing


Can any body tell me about INNER SHUNT COMPOUND MOTOR diagram?


How will you react when, while consulting a SAS documentation manual to get an answer to a problem, someone says hey, I thought you were supposed to know all that stuff already, and not have to look it up in a book?


Can anybody just suggest about the scope of Electrical design with ETAP software?Just guide me?


what is the process for double acting cylinder pneumatic for 32' v/v