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sir, i am serving in indian air force. i have to appear in an personal interview for manager in banks shortly. please provide the ideal answere of the question like introduce your self. and why you want to leave air force and join banking sector. thankyou


what is your specialization?


how to find the Motor,s insulation Power?


In source system we have os - windows BO - 5.1.5. with webi 2.7.1 Repository database - oracle Reports database - Oracle and DB2 Nearly we have 1200 reports in present system , i want to move as it is to new hardware os- windows bo- 5.1.5 with webi2.7.1 repository - oracle reports - oracle and db2 let me know is there any migration techniques in same version. thanks in advance Usha


5. Explain about relational algebra.


How to Bind a Specific Interface Address?


The characters of the c program to receive input from and send to function, this function will check if the characters between letters a to z as y is the output characters to the main function and otherwise, return to the main function of the y characters.


What is the major difference between Acceptance test , Functional test , Usability test and Performance test with special reference to auotomotive domain


What do you understand by the term 'Big 4s'?


what are the new rules of central excise ?


what should be the strategy in ssc cgl tier-11 to get maximum marks specially in mathematics


How can I get free .NET add-in for QTP9.2. What is the process to install any add-in?


Why do you want to work here?


What do you mean by the word 'shear'?


Hi, I am vinay. I got shortlist for the post Credit Officer Scale II and interview scheduled on 8th Sep 2010, Bangalore. Please advice on the interview process and questions that may ask at the time of interview. Contact me 8008800824.