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how to create a quiz software using 4 options to answer and how to check with answers in the database and award marks....


What do you know about university?


Cenvat credit transaction journal entries. And what does the term reversal of credit means


what is difference between (internal table types)standard table and sorted table in sap abap....


what is the Pickup/drop off ratio in BCPU relays


I want two test two agents login for the flight website. Here is the scenario: I want to go through 1-3 rows for one user login and other user login I want to go though 3-5 rows. How would you set this up in qtp. Thank You


Sir my question is on service Tax. We have deposited the amount under wrong code. The basic amount of service tax Rs.7500/- on Clearing & forwarding Agency (code 00440045) was wrongly deposited in the interest code (00440046). Do we have to deposit service tax again or this amount can be transfered to service tax account.


How to calculate the size of earth cable to earth the neutral of UPS ?


2. What is the command to lock the TRX


How earthing/grounding done in aeroplanes and ships.


what is the advantages og idmt relay over magnetic relay??


hi my name is amit i have passed BE(CSE) with honours(72%) in 2006 yr. i have completed SAP/ABAP training with good exposer. i need a staffing company which can provide me real time exposer in SAP R/3. so plz help me out and send any information regarding on my mail id or tele. no. 9999784331 thanks


what is ae onset date n what is RDS


dear sir i need rrb chennai Section engineer S & T for last 2 year question papers. Plz send my email id is,


why we use the ac supply load cell>?can we use the dc supply load cell?advantages and disadvantage of the ac supply load cell?